Zombie Fiction

I’ve been a lover of zombie fiction since the early 90’s, when the color remake of Night of the Living Dead came out. The reimagined, badass, feminist icon version of Barbra in that movie was one of my many personal inspirations, and the way the movie dealt with the breakdown of civilized society in the face of apocalyptic terror stuck with me harder and scarier than any other horror movie I’d seen at that point in my young little life.

As someone who loves to overthink everything for no good goddamn reason, any story that explores the human condition fascinates me. Any well-written narrative that asks “what would someone do if they were put in X situation?” is right up my alley. Naturally, this explains my love of zombie fiction. What better canvas to paint a picture of the human condition on than one which forces people into completely-outside-the-norm situations?

My dabbles into zombie fiction explore brief glimpses into the human condition on a case-by-case basis. In recent years I got brave enough to try and explore such topics in a longer format, but who knows if I’ll even finish that shit. Until then, enjoy these little nuggets. And try your best not to get bit.