The Adventures of Ahsley and Friends

A little background info: When I got my learner’s permit at 15-and-a-half years old, the DMV actually misspelled my first name on that license. I always had trouble remembering how to spell my best friend Jennifer’s name (I could never remember whether it was one “f” and two “n”s, or the other way around) and I misspelled our mutual friend Kim’s name on purpose so that she could fit in. That started The Adventures of Jenniffer, Kym, and Ahsley.

Over the years, I kept getting into a series of weird, wonderful, unfortunate, hilarious, terrifying, and downright WTF situations IRL that you would only ever expect to see in a 30 Rock episode. So I decided to write about them, but I added hyperbolic twists and absurd turns to what actually happened in order to squeeze even more joy, absurdity, and amusement out of my life’s absurdly fantastical experiences. I also kept meeting new friends along the way, which made me eventually change the name of the series to The Adventures of Ahsley and Friends.

I’ve been writing these stories on-and-off since my mid teens, so this body of work literally spans over half my life. I hope you enjoy them, flaws and all. Also, if you happen to run into Karma while on your own Adventures of [You] and Friends, tell him I say “hi” (don’t worry, that joke will make sense in a little while).

More adventures will be coming soon…unfortunately, the college and post-college stories are stored on old computer hard drives and I haven’t salvaged them yet. But I’ll be uploading them as soon as I do!