Science, Bitch!

I am a compulsive googler. I once went almost a whole month without a working smartphone, and during the span of those weeks I can’t even count how many times I thought of a question, compulsively reached for my phone in order to google the answer, and felt like an idiot for twitching and pawing at a phone that wasn’t there to do a thing I couldn’t do.

I told you that story to illustrate just how ridiculous my scientific curiosity is for a “non-scientist” person. I really should have been in STEM, but growing up pretty and female in a red state didn’t exactly expose me to very many scientific mentors. Regardless, I still go down some pretty deep, dark rabbit holes from time-to-time. I catch myself feeling so awed and amazed by the scientific reasons for how and why the universe does what it does that I want to write about it constantly. Those rabbit holes, musings, and other such antics will be posted here.

The topics I’m most interested in (and therefore most likely to post about) include human physiology, nutrition, neurology, mental health, the ketogenic diet, psychedelics, and anti-ageing. So if any of those interest you, keep checking back for future updates. In the meantime, feel free to go back to the main page and find some non-science stuff to amuse yourself with. Enjoy.

Alethea Ashton