Fandoms and Fanfic

Have you ever read a piece of fan fiction and thought to yourself “wow, that’s a stinking pile of written garbage! That’s embarrassing! Whoever wrote that should be ashamed of themselves!?”

Well, I certainly hope you won’t feel that way about the stories you’re about to read! Odds are good that most of you are here for the Ironface/Glitch Bitch fanfics; but with any luck, some of you might be here for my Nocturne fanfics, too. Either way, I hope they don’t elicit the same vitriolic hatred that most fan fiction seems to inspire in people. Enjoy – and if you want more, hit me up on twitter and let me know!

Author: Alethea Ashton

Hi, my name's Ashley (Alethea Ashton is my virtual nom de plume) and I've been an avid pleasure writer since childhood. I've also been a professional copywriter since 2011. is my personal little corner of the internet where I publish the crazy, funny, sad, thrilling, introspective, satirical, and opinionated stories that pop into my brain sometimes. Variety is the spice of life, so there's a little something here for everybody. Or if there isn't let me know! I love to expand my horizons and try new things. If creative and entertaining fiction isn't your bag, I'm also available for professional projects (white-hat SEO, research projects, marketing/advertising, and the like). Kick back, relax, and enjoy your time here. Lavish praise and constructive feedback are always appreciated.

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